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The X-Men have survived an Apocalypse, but they face the greatest threat yet in in the form of "Dark Phoenix."

The trailer for the latest entry in the "X-Men" series shows the sheer havoc caused by Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) after she is imbued with a cosmic force that leads her to tap into her dark side. She loses control and wreaks havoc, leading to the death of a major character (more on that later). The X-Men must find a way to save Jean before she can destroy everything.

That major character who dies is Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). And no, the trailer isn't using any trickery. Director Simon Kinberg confirmed the death in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"This is a movie that is unlike other X-Men movies," he said. "It’s a movie where shocking things happen, where intense, dramatic things happen."

Mystique's death is definitely a big happening and, as Kinberg notes, will affect every other character, notably Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

But while writing out a star like Lawrence seems like a shocking move, the future of the current "X-Men" franchise is up in the air. With Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox, the characters will fall under the control over Marvel. It's entirely possible that this iteration of the "X-Men" is at an end.

"Dark Phoenix" opens in theaters June 7.