Warner Bros.

Another "Tomorrow" is on the horizon.

Warner Bros. is developing a sequel to "Edge of Tomorrow," the 2014 sci-fi hit starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Cruise and Blunt are expected to return, as is director Doug Liman. Their participation is dependent on the outcome of a script to be written by Matthew Robinson ("The Invention of Lying").

The first movie centered on a military public relations officer (Cruise) who gets stuck in a time loop during an alien invasion. Every time he dies, he starts the day over. He enlists the help of a war hero (Blunt) who trains him until he's able to win against the aliens.

"Edge of Tomorrow" grossed over $370 million worldwide, but wasn't considered a huge hit at the box office.  It did receive rave reviews and eventually found a following on home video, when it was rebranded "Live. Die. Repeat."