Rest in peace to Katherine Helmond, best known for her roles on "Who's the Boss," "Soap," and several Terry Gilliam films, including "Brazil."

The actress passed away at 89 on February 23 of complications from Alzheimer's, according to The Wrap. In her five-decade career, she won two Golden Globes and was nominated for seven Emmys and a Tony.

Former costars and friends shared their fond memories of her

Alyssa Milano tweeted, "My beautiful, kind, funny, gracious, compassionate, rock," Milano wrote. “You were an instrumental part of my life. You taught me to hold my head above the marsh! You taught me to do anything for a laugh! What an example you were!"

Danny Pintauro, who played Helmond's grandson on "Who's the Boss," told The Wrap that Helmond was "the best TV grandmother a boy could ask for... I'm just as devastated as I was when I lost my real grandma. A beautiful soul has left us for the next chapter, may you make them laugh Katherine!"

"Katherine Helmond was a remarkable human being and an extraordinary artist; generous, gracious, charming and profoundly funny," said "Who’s the Boss?" co-star Judith Light in a statement. "She taught me so much about life and inspired me indelibly by watching her work. Katherine was a gift to our business and to the world, and will be deeply missed."

Fellow "Who's the Boss" star Tony Danza said, "She was such an influence on me. No matter what problem I had, I could go to her. Very few people could match her. She was a consummate professional. She never made a mistake and she always got the laugh. She was the sexy older lady who could keep up with the young people. She just had a way about her.”

"Who's the Boss" aired on ABC from 1984-1992. Helmond was nominated twice for a Golden Globe (winning once) for her role as Mona Robinson. She was won a Golden Globe for her role on "Soap" and was nominated for four Emmys for the sitcom, which ran from 1977-1982.

She also played Patricia Heaton's mother on several episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond," which earned her another Emmy nomination.

Helmond also appeared as a plastic-surgery obsessed socialite in Gilliam's dystopia "Brazil" and "Mrs. Ogre" in "Time Bandits."

[Via The Wrap]