Walton Goggins, who's been so good in playing bad in "The Shield," "Justified," and "The Hateful Eight" has lined up a new comedy for CBS, "The Unicorn."

He'll play a recent widower and devoted father to two teenage girls. The character is described as "a big-hearted open-book of a guy" who's at sea without his wife. When he gets back on the dating scene, he discovers to his shock that he's a hot commodity.

Too early to expect a crossover with another CBS comedy, "Mom"?

While that sounds fun, we're sad to that another pilot he filmed for CBS, an adaptation of the Oscar-winning film "LA Confidential," was scrapped after being deemed "too dark" for the network. Alas, the subscription service CBS All Access did not pick it up either.

Goggins recently showcased his more comedic chops in the HBO comedy "Vice Principals." And was a hilarious villain in "Ant-Man and the Wasp."

[Via Variety]