HBO will be "Crashing" no more coming this Sunday.

The Season 3 finale will serve as a series finale, as HBO has canceled the Pete Holmes comedy. Executive producer Judd Apatow shared the news on "Conan" on Thursday.

"Well, it's not really canceled," Apatow told host Conan O'Brien. "We're just going to stop making it."

"What stopped you from making more?" O'Brien asked.

"They told us we should never make any more [episodes]," Apatow replied.

Created by Holmes, "Crashing," tells the semi-autobiographical story of his attempt to become a stand-up comic, all while sleeping on friends' couches after his wife divorces him.

Famous comedians often made appearances, including Amy Schumer, John Mulaney, Ray Romano, Sarah Silverman, Hannibal Buress, and Whitney Cummings.

Apatow did say they may make a "Crashing" movie at some point down the road: