"Sharp Objects" was the first project Amy Adams helped produce: Now she's formed her own production company which already has a first-look deal at HBO.

The new company is called Bond Group Entertainment. Kathleen Clifford, who was previously the director of original programming for Starz, will serve as vice president of TV development for the company.

The first project Adams has set her sights on is the 1998 Barbara Kingsolver novel "The Poisonwood Bible." It's about Orleanna Price, the wife of an evangelical missionary who takes her and their four daughters to the Belgian Congo during a colonial upheaval in 1959. It's inspired by Kingsolver's own youth spent in the Congo.

It was an Oprah Book Club selection and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the PEN/Faulkner Award.

Kingsolver's other books include "The Bean Trees," "Animal Dreams" and "Pigs in Heaven."

There is talk of a second season of "Sharp Objects," which is based on the Gillian Flynn novel of the same name. The limited series was nominated for several nominations and won a Golden Globe for costar Patricia Clarkson.

[Via Variety]