Alex Wolff, who was so great as the tormented older brother in "Hereditary," will star in thriller "The Line."

It's being described as "a coming-of-age thriller at a university that encapsulates both the wild excitement of being young, and the dangers of living without fear of consequences."

The film will costar John Malkovich, Scoot McNairy ("Narcos: Mexico," "Argo") Jessica Barden ("The Lobster") and Lewis Pullman ("The Strangers: Prey at Night").

Ethan Berger and Alex Russek wrote the script, with Berger set to direct. It will be the first feature film for both.

Wolff is making his own directorial debut with "The Cat and the Moon." He also wrote the screenplay and stars as a teenager who, when his mother goes to rehab, stays with a jazz musician (Mike Epps) who was friends with his late father.

He got his start along with his brother Nat Wolff in "The Naked Brothers Band."

[Via THR]