Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel hasn't met Ms. Marvel. Yet.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has revealed some interesting info about when and how the  Marvel Cinematic Universe might include Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan.

Last year, Feige said the introduction of the Muslim teen superhero was "in the works."

Then, this month brought the release of the blockbuster "Captain Marvel," which teases fans when young Monica Rambeau says she wants to "learn to glow" like her Aunt Carol (Brie Larson).  Comic book spoiler alert: She eventually does.

So, Monica's inclusion sparked the question of whether Kamala — who is inspired by Captain Marvel's heroic deeds — had already been slyly introduced in the MCU. Nope, says Feige.

"No. No. I mean Monica you've mentioned and it's not hidden. Obviously. It's right there," he told ScreenRant. "The answer is no, 'cause I think Ms. Marvel is a contemporary story and I don't think she was born yet."

Of course, "Captain Marvel" takes place in 1995. Carol flies off and doesn't return to Earth for 23 years, after Thanos' snap. So, nobody knows who she is or what she can do ... yet.

When "Avengers: Endgame" takes place, it's entirely possible Kamala has been born and is a teenager who witnesses Carol help avenge the fallen.  Perhaps she's an admiring bystander in Jersey City in an end credits scene.