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"Peaky Blinders" star Cillian Murphy is in talks to join Emily Blunt in the sequel to "A Quiet Place."

Details on the plot are scarce, but Murphy will reportedly play "a man with mysterious intentions," who joins Blunt's character and her children.

That could mean anything from a new villain (which Murphy excels at playing), a survivor with PTSD like his soldier in "Dunkirk," or a love interest or father figure.

Returning with Blunt from the first film are child stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe.

John Krasinski is writing and the sequel, but of course his character won't be returning. (RIP)

The film is expected to start shooting this summer, with a planned release date of May 15, 2020.

Murphy currently stars as crime boss Thomas Shelby in the BBC historic drama "Peaky Blinders." (It's also on Netflix.)

He's best known for playing Batman villain Jonathan Crane, (aka The Scarecrow) in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and one of the last humans alive in Danny Boyle's zombie thriller "28 Days Later."

Not to mention his scary turn as a psychopath in "Red Eye," a film that made us think twice before chatting up that handsome stranger next to us on flights.

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