Sadie Sink is moving from the Upside Down to "Fear Street."

The young "Stranger Things" actress has been tapped to star in the second installment of the "Fear Street" trilogy, based on the R.L. Stein novels. Leigh Janiak is directing all three movies.

Sink joined "Stranger Things" in Season 2 as newcomer Max Mayfield.

The "Fear Street" trilogy has previously announced cast members Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch, Benjamin Flores Jr., Ashley Zukerman, Fred Hechinger, Julia Rehwald, and Jeremy Ford.

The book series, released in 1989, was set in the town of Shadyside and revolved around teenagers who faced malevolent and sometimes paranormal opponents. The books have sold over 80 million copies.

The first movie is set in 1994 in the aftermath of a brutal tragedy. A group of teens discover a series of horrifying events that have plagued Shadyside for many years.

The second installment, set in 1978, centers on Camp Nightwing, divided between wealthy Sunnyvale campers and staffers from Shadyside. But when horrors from both towns' shared history come alive, they must band together — or face a terrible fate.

The third film takes place in 1666, when a colonial village is gripped by a hysterical witch hunt that has deadly consequences for centuries to come. The teens in 1994 try and finally put an end to their town’s curse, before it’s too late.