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Filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin are having a very good 2019 so far: After claiming the Best Documentary Feature Oscar for their thrilling rock climbing flick "Free Solo," the duo is now reportedly set to direct a starry new Netflix film.

According to Deadline, the directors are in early negotiations with the streaming service to helm "The Helicopter Heist," based on the Jonas Bonnier book of the same name. The action-heavy drama will star Jake Gyllenhaal, who is also producing the project, after pitching it to Netflix with his Nine Stories partner, Riva Marker.

Here's the lowdown on the project, per Deadline:

The Steven Knight-scripted drama tells the true story of how four young men from the Swedish suburbs, each of a different nationality, pulled off one of the most spectacular heists of all time. In 2009, the Västberga robbery saw a gang of thieves pull off a $5 million robbery using a stolen Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter. The robbery stunned the police, turned the four gangsters into local heroes, and the money never was found.

There's no word yet on a production timeframe. But with Vasarhelyi and Chin on board, it will no doubt be well worth the wait.

[via: Deadline]