20th Century Fox

With great power comes great danger, as the final trailer for "Dark Phoenix" shows.

20th Century Fox's "X-Men" saga is coming to an end after two decades. The studio now resides under the ownership of Disney, and the characters go back to their Marvel home. It's unclear when we'll see the X-Men on the big screen again.

But to cap this franchise, we've got "Dark Phoenix," which adapts the classic comics storyline of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) getting zapped by an alien force and turning into an evil version of herself. She turns against her X-Men friends, all the while relishing the extreme new powers she wields.

"It feels good," she says.

The new trailer shows a snippet of the scene in which Jean is taken over by the alien force. It also gives us more insight into Jessica Chastain's character, who seems to be a manifestation of the Phoenix Force.

"Dark Phoenix" opens in theaters June 7.