John Lennon's story is coming to the stage.

"Nowhere Boy," the 2009 biopic about Lennon's teen years, is being developed as a stage musical, according to Deadline.

The film starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lennon, Kristen Scott Thomas as Lennon’s aunt Mimi Smith and Anne-Marie Duff as Lennon’s mother Julia.

Producers Brian and Dayna Lee of AF Creative Media, and Robyn Goodman and Josh Fiedler of Aged in Wood, have acquired stage rights to the film.

The story follows the future Beatle as a young man, when he starts up the band Quarrymen and meets teen Paul McCartney. It focuses on Lennon's relationship with the two women who played pivotal roles in his life, his mother and the aunt that raised him.

As with the film, the stage production would not use any Beatles songs. Instead, Deadline reports the producers envision "a play with music" that incorporates the era's hits, particularly songs by the African-American musicians who so inspired Lennon .

There are no immediate plans to seek additional life or music rights; producers said Yoko Ono is aware of the project but has no involvement.