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At a loss for what to watch this week? From new DVDs and Blu-rays, to what's streaming on Netflix, we've got you covered.


'Escape Room' (April 23)

Six strangers enter an escape room hoping to have a good time. But what starts out as a fun experience soon turns into a living nightmare as they realize the room is a trap that is part of a sadistic game of life or death.

The movie arrives on Blu-ray, and DVD on April 23 (and is already available on Digital HD). Bonus features include deleted scenes, an alternate ending, an alternate opening, and making-of featurettes.

'Destroyer' (April 23)

Nicole Kidman got a Golden Globe nomination for her transformative performance as a cop named Erin Bell, who is placed into a moral and existential crisis. As a young cop, she went undercover with a gang in the California desert with tragic results. When the gang's leader re-emerges many years later, she's forced to face her past and the demons that still haunt her.

The movie arrives on Blu-ray, and DVD on April 23 (and is already available on Digital HD). Bonus features include audio commentaries and a making-of featurette.

'Alien' (April 23): The 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott's seminal sci-fi film brings a new 4K restoration supervised by the director himself. The 1979 original spawned a franchise that still endures today (and is even made into outstanding high school productions).

'A Face in the Crowd' (April 23): Criterion releases a new 4K restoration of Elia Kazan's biting satire, which features a young Andy Griffith pre-TV fame. He plays an entertaining and ambitious buffoon who reaches the heights of television stardom and political demagoguery. Hmm, sounds familiar.


'What Men Want' (April 23)

The 2000 comedy gets gender-swapped. Now, it's Taraji P. Henson who can hear the voices of the opposite sex in her head. At first, she uses it to try to get ahead as a sports agent, but soon finds that the new "power" are creating even more problems in her life. Available on Digital HD.

'The Prodigy' (April 23)

Can maternal instinct stand up to a supernatural evil? "Orange Is the New Black" star Taylor Schilling plays Sarah, a mother whose young son has been overtaken by an evil force. She must choose between her desire to protect her son and a desperate need to investigate what — or who — is causing his dark turn. Available on Digital HD.

'Cobrai Kai' Season 2 (April 24)

The "Karate Kid" sequel series returns picks up where the first season left off. Johnny (William Zabka) grapples with his dojo students being winners — and jerks. He also faces his abusive old sensei John Kreeze (Martin Kove). Meanwhile, Daniel takes in new students to learn Mr. Miyagi's ways. Available to on YouTube.


'Street Food' (April 26)

The creators of "Chef's Table" take their hunger-inducing cinematography to the streets of nine countries across Asia. The episodes highlight the stories of perseverance that bring each country's cuisine and culture to life.

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'1969' Miniseries, ABC (April 23, 10 p.m.)

This six-part docuseries chronicles the wild year of the moon landing, Manson murders, Chappaquiddick scandal and Woodstock with that of Nixon's first year in office, John Lennon's Bed-Ins for Peace, FBI shootouts with black activists and the Stonewall Uprising.

'The Red Line' Series, CBS (April 28, 10 p.m.)

From superproducers Ava DuVernay and Greg Berlanti, this drama that follows the lives of three vastly different Chicago families whose stories of loss and tragedy intersect in the wake of the mistaken shooting of an African American doctor by a white cop.