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"P.C.U." is one of those comedies that defined college life for a generation of movie fans. And now that it's 25 years old, we imagine that generation is feeling pretty long in the tooth now. Celebrate the anniversary of this cult classic with some fun facts you might not know about "P.C.U."

1. Writers Adam Leff and Zak Penn based the film on their experiences as members of the Eclectic Society fraternity at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

2. The actual Wesleyan campus was used for a handful of exterior shots, but most of the filming took place at the University of Toronto campus.

20th Century Fox

3.Steve Zahn and Ashley Judd tried out for the roles of Tom and Samantha, respectively.

4. Production was delayed when star Jeremy Piven contracted malaria in Guatemala. His sudden weight loss is apparent in certain scenes.

20th Century Fox

5. Piven clashed with director Hart Bochner over Bochner's refusal to permit improvised dialogue.

6. Bochner, in turn, bristled under Fox's insistence that the film maintain a PG-13 rating. He later revealed he felt that mandate hurt the final product.

7.Jon Favreau once revealed his fondest memory from the film was having his dreadlocks finally removed at the end of production.

8. The film was renamed "Politically Correct Party Animals' in the UK.

9. As both projects were filming at the same time, the cast of "P.C.U." competed and won against the cast of "The Ref" in a softball game.

10. The original screenplay featured Nirvana as the band playing during the party, but Nirvana's appearance fee was too high. The Goo Goo Dolls were also considered as a replacement before the Parliament Funkadelic were chosen instead.