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It took a village to bring Chucky back to life.

The demonic doll returns to the big screen in the new "Child's Play" reboot. And as the cast and crew acknowledge in a behind-the-scenes featurette, putting a new spin on such an iconic character to life requires quite a bit of care and thought.

In the movie, Chucky gets a major upgrade and is able to control cars, drones, and smart (now scary) homes.

Young actor Gabriel Bateman explains that the doll wasn't a product of CGI. In fact, there were six animatronic Chuckys capable of nuanced facial expressions.

"It's an evil robot," says star Aubrey Plaza. "There's nothing creepier than that."

“We didn’t want to do something that felt too familiar [to] the Chucky that was so successful in the original series,” producer Seth Grahame-Smith told Entertainment Weekly.

“We knew we wanted to reintroduce a new design because we’re also reintroducing a new concept for what Chucky really is. That led us to, okay, if a company like Apple or Google or Amazon was going to design and market a child companion toy, what would that toy look like? What would its features be? And that drove the design more than anything.”

"Child's Play" opens in theaters June 21.