Martin Short in Inherent Vice

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Amazon's upcoming comedy pilot "Good People" just keeps adding good actors.

Comedian Martin Short has boarded the project from Lee Daniels and Whitney Cummings, THR reports. He joins a cast the already includes the likes of Lisa Kudrow and Greg Kinnear. Cummings, too, has a role.

The potential series centers on three generations of women working in a college ombudsman's office, meaning they look into complaints against maladministration. As they do so, they'll navigate today's cultural climate, dealing with issues such as sex, race, class, and gender, per Amazon. They'll also contend with different understandings of feminism across generations.

Short's character is one who will have plenty of dealings with the ombudsman's office. He'll play the university's dean, an administrator described as having "no concept of what's appropriate." He, as well as Kinnear's philosophy professor character, will cause trouble for the woman who heads the office (Kudrow).

Short is well-known for his work as a comedian, including on "Saturday Night Live." He recently did a comedy special for Netflix with Steve Martin, "Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life." Meanwhile, his most recent film is the 2014 neo-noir "Inherent Vice," and he has continued to have guest spots on various TV shows.

Daniels and Cummings co-wrote the pilot for "Good People," and Daniels will direct. The two are executive producing alongside Kudrow.

[via: THR]