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Though she's best known for her scene-stealing work in front of the camera, Sandra Bullock has had plenty of success behind it, too, producing a string of hit films including her star vehicles "Miss Congeniality," "The Proposal," and Netflix's buzzy "Bird Box." Now, Bullock is set to produce once again, this time on a new project that's inspired by her own life.

According to Deadline, the actress is developing a TV series for Amazon that's loosely based on her experiences in college in North Carolina in the 1980s. The dramedy, set in the world of music and dance, will be co-executive produced by Bullock, alongside fellow A-list Oscar winners John Legend and Akiva Goldsman.

Here's a breakdown of the as-yet-untitled series, per Deadline:

" ... the show is described as a hilarious, boundary-crossing, and often soul-wrenching trek through the oppressive cultural norms of the deep south in the 1980s, where one darkly off-beat young woman defies expectations and sets out in search of love, community, and most importantly, an identity of her own. It’s a fantastical, dance-filled journey, traversing the worlds of drag-culture, mental health, and the AIDS epidemic, all while following a group of young outcasts who band together and dare to be themselves, despite the very real danger they face in doing so. It’s a vivid, fun, gut-punch of a story about letting go of shame and living out loud… and some of it’s even true."

Longtime friends Bullock and Goldsman, who previously collaborated on the films "A Time To Kill" and "Practical Magic," conceived of the idea for the show together. It was created and written by K.C. Perry ("Constance," "The Originals").

Deadline reports that Goldsman specifically sought out Legend to both help develop the series, and shape its unique soundtrack, which will feature an "ambitious fusion of multiple genres of music from the period, including 80’s pop, timeless Southern gospel, and opera." Based on that unlikely combination, we're already intrigued.

No word yet on how many episodes are expected, or a production or release timeframe. Stay tuned.

[via: Deadline]