The Lion King

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Be prepared for "The Lion King" to have a huge box office opening.

Data from a major tracking service indicates that the film may debut to more than $150 million, THR reports. Such predictions aren't always accurate, as the publication notes, but if the numbers do prove to be correct here, the Disney remake will be in rare company. There are currently only 21 films that have had $150 million-plus debuts, per Box Office Mojo data.

"The Lion King" certainly seems poised to become king of the box office. Not only is it a remake of one of Disney's most popular animated films, it has a star-studded voice cast. The actors include Beyoncé Knowles-CarterDonald GloverSeth RogenJames Earl Jones, and more. Fans are already crying over Glover and Knowles-Carter's rendition of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

We'll have to wait till the Jon Favreau-directed film opens on July 19 to see how it fares, but so far, signs point to huge box office success.

[via: THR]