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Cameron Crowe wanted to do a memoir-style documentary about David Bowie very much like his current film "David Crosby: Remember My Name."

But, sadly, the rock star turned him down.

Crowe told Variety, "I tried for Bowie, like about five years ago, maybe four. With the documentaries that we’ve done, the ethic has been to cut out the middleman and to let the artist talk to you and not have a cavalcade of talking heads. And if you get the artist at the right time, when they’re ready to talk — which, as you know well, is everything … Sometimes when they’re putting out a really uncommercial project, they’re ready to talk, to explain it to you.”

He added, "I thought, ‘This is a great time for Bowie. He hasn’t come out with anything new yet. Maybe for the release of this next album, he’s ready to do that thing.’ Because similarly to Crosby, when I was ever around him, he was that honest. But he said no.”

Bowie passed away in January 2016 at age 69. If you want to see a documentary about the music icon, there's always  the 1973 concert film, "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars."

Crowe said he'd also be interested in making the same kind of documentary with John Fogerty and Joni Mitchell.

"David Crosby: Remember My Name” is in theaters now.

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