"Bryce Walker did hurt a lot of people," a girl notes in the new trailer for "13 Reasons Why" Season 3.

Which is why everyone is a suspect in the teen jock's shocking death.

The Netflix drama's first teaser already revealed that the third season will revolve around the mysterious murder of Bryce (Justin Prentice). And the new trailer shows that everyone from Clay Jensen (Dylan Minette) to Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) to Tyler (Devin Druid) is considered to be the possible killer.

As Season 1 revealed, Bryce raped both Jessica and Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Hannah eventually committed suicide in a controversial, graphic scene that was recently edited down. 

In Season 2, Jessica publicly accused Bryce of sexual assault, but after an intense trial, he was let off with just a few months of probation. The season ended with two major cliffhangers: Tyler's thwarted school shooting plan and the revelation that Bryce's girlfriend Chloe was pregnant.

Season 3 leaps forward eights months after the school shooting attempt. Clay, Tony (Christian Navarro), Jessica, Alex (Miles Heizer), Justin (Brandon Flynn) and Zach (Ross Butler) find ways to shoulder the burden of the cover-up together while helping Tyler move toward recovery after his brutal sexual assault.

But when the aftermath of a tumultuous homecoming game culminates in the disappearance of a football player and Clay finds himself under police scrutiny, it's up to a shrewd outsider to steer the group through an investigation that threatens to lay bare everyone's deepest secrets. The stakes are raised as the consequences of even the most well-intended actions can alter a life forever.

"13 Reasons Why" Season 3 premieres August 23 on Netflix.