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Jennifer Lawrence has done everything from comedy to horror to comic book movies. So when it comes capturing the audience's attention (and praise), she doesn't disappoint.

The accomplished actress is only 27, and yet it feels like she's taken on a lifetime of juicy roles. Pretty much every film she gets screen time in, she makes her indelible and entertaining mark.

Here are nine times Jennifer Lawrence stole every scene:

1. When she turned heads in "Like Crazy."


While the romantic drama focused on Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones' characters' love story, Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal as Yelchin's one-time girlfriend affirmed her magnetic and unforgettable presence even in the most minor roles.

2. When she made even the most reluctant superhero movie viewers fans of the new "X-Men" films.


Way to add your signature comic timing, Jen!

3. When she made the movie as good as the book, for once.


YA novels don't have the best critical track record when it comes to their film adaptations, but J. Law managed to pour heart and ferocity into badass Katniss on screen.

5. When she made audiences laugh, cry, and dance like nobody was watching in "Silver Linings Playbook."


Jennifer's Oscar-winning performance brought depth and humor to an already complex character.

6. When she nailed every line in "American Hustle."


When  you're Jennifer Lawrence, you can make anyone seem sympathetic and utterly compelling, even standing up to an incredible ensemble of esteemed actors.

7. When she made a somewhat standard biopic into a tour-de-force.


I never knew I cared so much about the Home Shopping Network.

8. When she totally creeped everyone out in "Mother!"


Sure -- the movie was full of WTF moments, but it was hard to keep your eyes of Lawrence through all the chaos.

9. When she became an acting force to be reckoned with.


If you have not seen Jennifer's breakout performance in "Winter's Bone," what are you even doing here? Get to it!