In this exclusive interview with Made in Hollywood, the cast of 'Big Shot' talk about making the new Disney+ series.

First up, co-star Jessalyn Gilsig (Holly), shares how she was excited by the prospect of working with David Kelly again, after they had previously worked together on 'Boston Public.' Then Nell Verlaque (Louise) talks about her character is set to clash with the girls' new coach, played by John Stamos.

Then Cricket Wampler (Samantha), Tisha Custodio (Mouse), Tiana Le (Destiny), and Monique Green (Olive) join Verlaque to discuss their own basketball experiences and the basketball boot camp they attended to get ready for shooting.

Finally, Sophia Mitri Schloss (Emma) and Gilsig share how much they liked working with Stamos.

'Big Shot' is now available on Disney+.