Ekaterina Voronina

Born in November 19th, 1946

From Moscow, RSFSR, USSR

Ekaterina Voronina Biography

In 1970 she graduated from VGIK, acting department, specialty "theater and film actress" (workshop of B. A. Babochkin). After graduation, she worked at the Gorky film studio. In 1994, together with her husband, she established the Yeseninsky Cultural Center in Arbat, where she now works as an executive director. He is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and a member of the Guild of Film Actors of Russia.

The wife of actor and director Sergei Nikonenko. Son - Nikonenko Nikanor Sergeevich (12/26/1973), there is a grandson and granddaughter.

Ekaterina Voronina Filmography