• Jack  Hawkins

    Jack Hawkins

    Born on September 14th, 1910

    From Wood Green, London, England


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QB VII Poster


After surviving a Nazi death camp, Polish doctor Adam Kelno (Anthony Hopkins) escapes to England. He devotes 20 years of his life to upgrading public health standards in Arabia and is knighted on his return, becoming a national hero. Kelno's world is shaken by an American writer (Ben Gazzara), whose book defames Kelno as a war criminal who participated in Nazi medical experiments. A courtroom battle ensues in QB VII -- Queen's Bench, Room 7 -- with Kelno's character on trial.

Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama Special
The Long Arm Poster

The Long Arm

After an elusive burglar robs a safe and leaves innocent victims in his wake, police detective Tom Halliday (Jack Hawkins) is on the case, meticulously following up every possible lead. Halliday leaves his desk behind and enlists the help of not only his assistant but people outside the police force, including fingerprint and safe-building experts. Though his wife, Mary (Dorothy Alison), doesn't approve of his job and worries for his safety, he won't rest until the perpetrator is behind bars.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1957)
British Actor
The Prisoner Poster

The Prisoner

In the early post-World War II years, a cardinal (Alec Guinness) in an unnamed eastern European country is thrown in jail for treason. While there, he is subject to an intense degree of torture, both physical and psychological, by his captors. These are led by a wily man known only as the Interrogator (Jack Hawkins), who uses every tool at his disposal to get the strong-willed prisoner to issue a statement to his flock renouncing the role of religion in society.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1956)
British Actor