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Grace and Frankie (2016)

Lily Tomlin as "Frankie"

For as long as they can recall, Grace and Frankie have been rivals. Their one-upmanship comes crashing to a halt, however, when they learn that their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. As everything around the ladies is coming apart, the only thing they can really rely on is each other. This Netflix original re-teams Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin ("9 to 5") as Grace and Frankie, respectively, bringing their chemistry to the small screen. It's a casting reunion on a grand scale, as Tomlin is reunited with her co-star from "The West Wing," Martin Sheen, who plays Grace's husband, Robert. And Fonda is back with Sam Waterston, her co-star from "The Newsroom," who plays Frankie's husband, Sol.

Emmy (Primetime) (2016)NominatedOutstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Golden Globe (2016)NominatedBest Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
Emmy (Primetime) (2015)NominatedOutstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Grandma (2015)

Lily Tomlin as "Elle"

A misanthropic poet (Lily Tomlin) takes her granddaughter (Julia Garner) across Los Angeles in search of the money she needs to terminate her unwanted pregnancy.

Golden Globe (2015)NominatedBest Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical

The West Wing (1999)

Lily Tomlin as "Deborah Fiderer"

Cutthroat presidential advisers get their personal lives hopelessly tangled up with professional duties as they try to conduct the business of running a country. Fictional Democratic President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet suffers no fools, and that policy alienates many. He and his dedicated staffers struggle to balance the needs of the country with the political realities of Washington, D.C., working through two presidential terms that include countless scandals, threats and political scuffles, as well as the race to succeed Bartlet as the leader of the free world.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (2003)NominatedOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series

And the Band Played On (1993)

Lily Tomlin as "Dr. Selma Dritz"

In 1981, epidemiologist Don Francis (Matthew Modine) learns of an increased rate of death among gay men in urban areas. The startling information leads him to begin investigating the outbreak, which is ultimately identified as AIDS. His journey finds mostly opposition from politicians and doctors, but several join him in his cause. As it becomes apparent that people have personal reasons to turn the other cheek, Francis persists. Meanwhile, the number of deaths continues to grow.

Emmy (Primetime) (1994)NominatedOutstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie

All of Me (1984)

Lily Tomlin as "Edwina Cutwater"

While on her deathbed, the rich Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin) has her lawyer Roger Cobb (Steve Martin) add the odd stipulation to her will that her soul will be inherited by the young Terry Hoskins (Victoria Tennant). The plan backfires when Edwina dies. She ends up inhabiting Roger's body and controlling only its right side. Edwina and Roger are forced to work together to find a way to get her soul out his body and into the body she originally intended.

Golden Globe (1984)NominatedBest Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical

The Late Show (1977)

Lily Tomlin as "Margo"

Private detective Ira Wells (Art Carney) isn't getting any younger. He's also barely staying in business. So when Ira's former partner, Harry, is killed, Ira vows to not only take on Harry's last job, but also find his friend's murderer. While trying to crack Harry's case, Ira is introduced to Margo (Lily Tomlin), an eccentric pot-selling agent who wants to hire him to find her cat. Desperate for the work, Ira takes on the pet search and winds up with an unexpected new partner in Margo.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1977)NominatedActress
Golden Globe (1977)NominatedBest Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical

Nashville (1975)

Lily Tomlin as "Linnea Reese"

In this acclaimed Robert Altman drama, the lives of numerous people in the Tennessee capital intersect in unpredictable ways. Delbert Reese (Ned Beatty) is a lawyer and political organizer who is having difficulties in his marriage to Linnea (Lily Tomlin), a gospel vocalist. Other performers heavily featured in this renowned ensemble production include country singers Barbara Jean (Ronee Blakley) and Connie White (Karen Black), who are rivals in the city's thriving music scene.

Academy Award (1975)NominatedActress in a Supporting Role
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1975)NominatedMost Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles
Golden Globe (1975)NominatedBest Performance By an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1968)

Comedy duo Dan Rowan and Dick Martin host this fast-moving comedy series. Characters include Lily Tomlin's Ernestine the Operator, Arte Johnson's German soldier who finds everything "verrrrrry interesting" and Ruth Buzzi's feisty little old lady. Recurring sketches include Laugh-In Looks at the News and The Mod, Mod World.

Golden Globe (1972)NominatedActress in a Supporting Role - Series or Television Movie