Reham Haggag

Born in September 22nd, 1986

Reham Haggag Biography

Reham Hagag was born in Milano, Italy in 1986 to Egyptian parents, and she spent most of her life abroad, where she studied mass communication and worked in the marketing field for some time. Upon her return to Egypt, she started an acting career with her role in the film “Safari” in 2010, and in the same year she took a role in the TV series “Azmet Sokkar” (A Sugar Crisis) which was met with audience praise.

In 2012 she portrayed the famous Egyptian belly dancer Samia Gamal in the biopic “Karioka.” Her role in the film “Ba'd El Toufan” (After the Flood) was met with critical acclaim, and she won a prize for her role in the Marrakesh film festival.