awards & nominations

The Deadly Affair (1967)

Simone Signoret as "Elsa Fennan"

English secret agent Charles Dobbs (James Mason) is shocked to discover that a government official whom he knew has committed suicide. Suspicious circumstances soon point to the death being a murder, and Dobbs investigates further, contacting the victim's wife, Elsa Fennan (Simone Signoret), a survivor of a concentration camp. Despite pressures from senior officials to leave the case, Dobbs continues, hiring veteran cop Inspector Mendel to dig deeper.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1967)NominatedForeign Actress

Ship of Fools (1965)

Simone Signoret as "La Condesa"

When an eclectic group of passengers boards a cruise ship bound for prewar Germany, they form a microcosm of 1930s society. One passenger, a mysterious countess (Simone Signoret), is headed for a German prison camp. The charming Dr. Schumann (Oskar Werner) harbors a debilitating heart condition. Then there's American divorcée Mary Treadwell (Vivien Leigh), who vainly attempts to outrun time itself. During their weeks at sea, the group forges bonds and rivalries, and unearths secrets.

Academy Award (1965)NominatedActress
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1965)NominatedForeign Actress
Golden Globe (1965)NominatedBest Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama

Casque d'Or (1952)

Simone Signoret as "Marie 'Casque d'Or'"

Ex-convict Georges Manda (Serge Reggiani) returns to the free world determined to go straight and takes a steady job as a carpenter. Unable to completely shake his connections with the underground, he meets with a former prison mate, older gangster Félix Leca (Claude Dauphin), who introduces him to his mistress, the sweet but guarded Marie "Casque d'Or" (Simone Signoret). Marie and Georges fall into a passionate relationship, driving Félix to do everything in his power to ruin the couple.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1952)WonForeign Actress