September 2000 Science Fiction DVD Releases

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The Beast of Yucca Flats Poster
The Beast of Yucca FlatsAvailabe September 5, 2000
Stranger from Venus Poster
Stranger from VenusAvailabe September 5, 2000
Mission to Mars Poster
Mission to MarsAvailabe September 12, 2000
Nude on the Moon Poster
Nude on the MoonAvailabe September 12, 2000
The Philadelphia Experiment Poster
The Philadelphia ExperimentAvailabe September 19, 2000
Teenagers from Outer Space Poster
Teenagers from Outer SpaceAvailabe September 19, 2000
Short Circuit Poster
Short CircuitAvailabe September 19, 2000
The Element of Crime Poster
The Element of CrimeAvailabe September 19, 2000
Beware! The Blob Poster
Beware! The BlobAvailabe September 19, 2000
The Dead ZoneAvailabe September 19, 2000
The Brain That Wouldn't Die Poster
The Brain That Wouldn't DieAvailabe September 26, 2000
The Blood Beast Terror Poster
The Blood Beast TerrorAvailabe September 26, 2000
Patlabor 2: The Movie Poster
Patlabor 2: The MovieAvailabe September 26, 2000
Shadow Zone: The Undead Express Poster
Shadow Zone: The Undead ExpressAvailabe September 26, 2000
Brain Dead Poster
Brain DeadAvailabe September 26, 2000