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Lawrence of Arabia Poster
Lawrence of ArabiaAvailabe April 3, 2001
Kelly's Heroes Poster
Kelly's HeroesAvailabe August 1, 2000
The Bridge on the River Kwai Poster
The Bridge on the River KwaiAvailabe November 21, 2000
A Bridge Too Far Poster
A Bridge Too FarAvailabe October 21, 1998
The Final Countdown Poster
The Final CountdownAvailabe August 19, 2003
Where Eagles Dare Poster
Where Eagles DareAvailabe September 2, 2003
Midway Poster
MidwayAvailabe August 5, 1998
Patton Poster
PattonAvailabe November 7, 2000
Barry Lyndon Poster
Barry LyndonAvailabe June 29, 1999
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero Poster
Sgt. Stubby: An American HeroAvailabe December 11, 2018
Gallipoli Poster
GallipoliAvailabe June 26, 1999
Lion of the Desert Poster
Lion of the DesertAvailabe October 27, 1998
Empire of the Sun Poster
Empire of the SunAvailabe November 6, 2001
Force 10 from Navarone Poster
Force 10 from NavaroneAvailabe March 28, 2000
The Best Years of Our Lives Poster
The Best Years of Our LivesAvailabe October 28, 1997
The Birth of a Nation Poster
The Birth of a NationAvailabe November 17, 1998
Gettysburg Poster
GettysburgAvailabe February 3, 2004
Hair Poster
HairAvailabe April 27, 1999
Johnny Got His Gun Poster
Johnny Got His GunAvailabe November 25, 2008
Shock Waves Poster
Shock WavesAvailabe September 3, 2002
Iron Eagle II Poster
Iron Eagle IIAvailabe June 25, 2001
Too Late the Hero Poster
Too Late the HeroAvailabe May 29, 2001
Breaker Morant Poster
Breaker MorantAvailabe November 12, 1997
Tea with Mussolini Poster
Tea with MussoliniAvailabe November 23, 1999