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  • Even though Moore sleepwalks his way through the part, making it apparent that he should have departed two films ago, and Tanya Roberts can't act to save her life (although she certainly can scream), we're back to a more conventional, straightforward Bond than the convoluted mess of the previous movie. show more

  • With Sean Connery as Agent 007, James Bond was a human-scale figure, an exceedingly cool guy to be sure, but a guy nonetheless. With Roger Moore as Bond, we are simply watching a lightweight actor stroll through a role. show more

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    I was at least able to follow the plot (which is not to say it wasn't as ludicrous as any Bond film -- just that I could follow it). But most of all this movie has camp value -- it's fun to sit there and make fun of every last detail, and that redeems it quite a bit. show more

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