• Adab Mutiyaran (2019)

Adab Mutiyaran

Release Date: October 18th, 2019

TBC |0 min

Plot Summary

Babbu, a young, spirited and bold girl finds her calling as a recovery agent in a finance company run by another headstrong girl, Shruti. Babbus partner Vicky is always at the receiving end of Shrutis wrath. Owing to their constant clashes, Shruti sends Babbu for a false recovery to bring her down. This results in Babbu meeting Rinku Bansal, an only bachelor in his house dominated by his sister-in-laws. Rinku falls head over heels in love with her at first sight. Rinku and Babbu get married and Vicky ends up tying the knot with Shruti. Both of these households are dominated by women. Thus, begins the epic saga of power play between these women both at their workplace and their respective homes. While the men try to make peace between them but end up being pulled at both the ends in this tug of war.

Cast: Sonam Bajwa , Mehreen Pirzada , Aajay Sarkaria , Upasana Singh , Sudesh Lehri

Director: Manav Shah

Genres: Comedy , Drama

Production Co: Production Company Unknown

Distributors: Eros International (US)