• Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams

Release Date: August 24th, 1990

DVD Release Date: March 18th, 2003

PG |1 hr 59 min

Plot Summary

This imaginative Japanese production presents a series of short films by lauded director Akira Kurosawa. In one chapter, a young boy spies on foxes that are holding a wedding ceremony; the following installment features another youth, who witnesses a magical moment in an orchard. In the segment "Crows," an aspiring artist enters the world of a painting and encounters Vincent van Gogh (Martin Scorsese). Many of the films in this inventive movie are tied together by an environmental theme.

Cast: Akira Terao, Mitsunori Isaki, Martin Scorsese, Mitsuko Baishô, Mieko Harada, Chishu Ryu, Hisashi Igawa, Toshihiko Nakano

Director: Akira Kurosawa , Ishirô Honda

Genres: Drama

Production Co: Akira Kurosawa USA

Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures

Keywords: Creative, 1980s, 1940s, Soldier, Moving, Growing up


Nominated Best Foreign Language Film