• Allotment Wives, Inc. (1945)

Allotment Wives, Inc.

Release Date: November 8th, 1945

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 20 min

Plot Summary

Sheila Seymour (Kay Francis) runs an upscale salon and lives a life of luxury. The salon is just a front, though. For Sheila and her shadowy partner, Whitey Colton (Otto Kruger), the real business is operating a stable of beautiful women who marry lonely veterans for their government allotment pay. Once the women have the money, they dump the vets. But Sheila's world begins to fall apart when her daughter (Teala Loring) and a military detective (Paul Kelly) start to put the pieces together.

Cast: Kay Francis, Paul Kelly, Otto Kruger, Gertrude Michael, Teala Loring, Bernard Nedell, Anthony Warde, Jonathan Hale

Director: William Nigh

Genres: Drama

Production Co: Monogram Pictures Corporation

Distributors: Monogram Pictures Corporation

Keywords: Daughter, Mother, Transformation, 1940s, House, Tense, Temptation, Engaging, Office, Wife, Investigation, Dark