Anomalies (Fibrosis)

Anomalies (Fibrosis) (2020)

"Decoding a lurgy of (struthious or) humans"

Anomalies transliterate a twin-channel simulation imagining the visual-semantic proximities to the medical conditions of fibrosis and thrombosis. The videos are disassociated from their provincial significations to reflect the barest textural surface of the conditions. Hindered blood channels, palpitation, restlessness, and breathing irregularities are mapped in their formalist rhythm with metaphoric linkages. The synthetic blend of visuals and noises attempts to retrace human corporeality in global systems of communication and primordial conditions of life. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and worldwide lockdown, it has become evident how transnational networks reconfigure in response to the often disavowed precarity of the human body. This work attempts to remember our organismic vulnerability amidst contemporary transactions.

Santasil Mallik