Antarctica Poster

Release Date: 1984

G|2 hr 17 min

Plot Summary
In 1958, a Japanese expedition to Antarctica led by meteorologist Kenjiro Ochi (Tsunehido Watase) and doctor Akira Ushioda (Ken Takakura) leave their exploration base, abandoning their loyal team of sled dogs. When the scientists who are supposed to replace them have their mission canceled, Akira and Kenjiro are worried their dogs will die. A year later, the scientists embark upon a dangerous expedition to rescue their faithful animal companions.

Cast: Ken Takakura, Tsunehido Watase, Masako Natsume

Director: Koreyoshi Kurahara

Genres: Docudrama

Keywords: Underdog, Intense, Inspiring, Rescue, Death, Quest, Survival, 1950s