Chicken Wagon Family

Chicken Wagon Family (1939)

Not Yet Rated Aug 10th, 1939

Addie Fippany, her father Jean Paul Batiste Fippany, her mother Josephine and her sister Cecile roam the country-side in a mule-drawn wagon, trading trinkets to farmers for chickens which they sell in the cities. Addie and her father love the care-free life, but Mrs. Fippany and Cecile want to settle down in New York City. As soon as the "chicken wagon family" reaches New York, Addie gets into mischief and a policeman, Matt Hibbard, helps her and falls in love with Cecile. He helps the family settle into a deserted firehouse which is up for public sale.

Herbert I. Leeds
Jane Withersas Addie Fippany
Leo Carrilloas Jean Paul Batiste Fippany
Marjorie Weaveras Cecile Fippany