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    Cocoon has its flaws, to be sure, but it's an ambitious, visually stirring piece of sci-fi drama. The performances from the cast (both young and old) are terrific, and visual effects are quite gorgeous. show more

  • The good-heartedness and skill of Ron Howard, director, have become something to be reckoned with. Cocoon, for all its failures -- and its dependence on hokey effects is a major one -- suggests that Spielberg is not alone out there. [21 June 1985, p.C1]

  • My only major criticism of Cocoon is the ending, which needlessly places the film in familiar extraterrestrial movie territory. Without giving too much away, either most of the characters should have made a different decision or the film should have had courage to jump off into a completely different direction. Special visual effects are wonderful, but the human being is still the greatest special effect of all. show more

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