Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Poster

Release Date: April 4th, 2003

DVD Release Date: June 24th, 2003

R|1 hr 54 min

Plot Summary
Cocky Spike Spiegel and the crew of his spaceship, Bebop, an intrepid band of bounty hunters, land on Mars in the year 2071 chasing an enormous cash reward. The four-person team, also including looming cyborg Jet Black, fearless Faye Valentine and tech expert Edward, are in search of ex-military officer Vincent. The former hero has become a biological terrorist with an arsenal of devastating nano-bots that he'll let loose on Alba City on the night before Halloween if his demands aren't met.

Cast: Esther Aflalo, Jean-Marc Delhausse, Louis Alain, Tony Beck, Jean-Paul Clerbois, Philippe Cochin, Didier Colfs

Director: ShinichirĂ´ Watanabe, Hiroyuki Okiura

Genres: Action, Anime, Comedy

Keywords: Pursuit