• Doubletake (1985)


Release Date: 1985

Not Yet Rated |3 hr 20 min

Plot Summary

New York City police detective Frank Janek (Richard Crenna) is assigned to try to find out who is responsible for the murder of a prostitute and a teacher, whose heads were switched after death. Meanwhile, the suicide of a friend prompts Janek to uncover a trail of corruption extending to the top of the department. During the investigation, Janek grows closer to photographer Caroline Wallace (Beverly D'Angelo), whose police officer father was assassinated under mysterious circumstances.

Cast: Richard Crenna, Beverly D'Angelo, Vincent Bagetta, Paul Gleason, Cliff Gorman, Drew Snyder, Lee Richardson, Priscilla Lopez

Director: Jud Taylor

Genres: Thriller , Drama

Production Co: Titus Productions

Keywords: Pursuit, 1980s, Suspenseful, Murder, New York City, Mystery, Love, Investigation, Police station

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