Emmanuelle: Queen of Sados

Emmanuelle: Queen of Sados (1980)

TMDb Score
NC-17 1 hr 31 minMay 30th, 1980Drama, Crime

After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, a woman, Emmanouella, is pushed to the breaking point. She hires a hitman to do in her husband, but just when she thinks her troubles are at an end, the assassin blackmails her. As her husband's business partner struggles to prove her guilt, and as the hitman continues to threaten her new found security, Emmanouella struggles to keep her name clear and to keep her naive stepdaughter from becoming tangled in the web of danger she has created.

Ilias Mylonakos
Laura Gemseras Emanuella Brindisi
Gabriele Tintias Tommy Snow
Livia Russoas Livia Brindisi