Escape From Forest Lake

Escape From Forest Lake (2020)

"Don't fuck my bike."
The President's Dog has been Kidnapped! Or... I guess Dognapped. Anyways, the U.S. only Trusts one Man to get it back, Even though that Man has Committed Countless War Crimes. (Look, are they really war crimes when both sides are doing it?) Anyways, Snake Snakeskin must help save the President's Dog from the Evil Clutches of one King of Forest Lake. Starring... Ryley Clarkin As Snake Snakeskin Zach LaBarre As The King Devin Cavanaugh As C.I.A. Trenton Huston As Burrelli Brothers Austin Siddall As The Dog
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Original Language:English
Production Companies:Malicious Incorporated
Movie Tags:escapeforest