• First & Last (1990)

First & Last

Release Date: 1990

Not Yet Rated |2 hr 15 min

Plot Summary

Rather than relax during his retirement, British senior citizen Alan Holly (Joss Ackland) opts to embark on a journey in which he will walk the entire length of England, from Land's End in southwestern Cornwall to John o'Groats in northern Scotland. While his wife, Audrey (Pat Heywood), finds his undertaking bewildering, she supports him nonetheless. As Alan makes his way from south to north, he meets a wide range of English people and has many moments of quiet reflection.

Cast: Joss Ackland, Deborah Findlay, Pat Heywood, Michael Jeffries, Patricia Routledge, Sophie Thursfield, Thomas Wheatley, Tom Wilkinson

Director: Alan Dossor

Genres: Drama

Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Keywords: 1980s, Endearing, England, Quest, Inspiring, Wife, Friend

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