Fist of Legend Poster

Release Date: August 15th, 1995

DVD Release Date: February 15th, 2000

R|1 hr 43 min

Plot Summary
Chinese martial arts student Chen Zhen (Jet Li) is studying in Kyoto, Japan, when he learns his mentor has died in a match against Ryuichi Akutagawa (Jackson Liu). Returning home to the Japanese-occupied Shanghai of 1937, Chen challenges Ryuichi to a fight and easily defeats him. Concluding his master was set up, Chen has an autopsy performed. Meanwhile, word of his martial arts skill entices new students hoping to study with him, making his teacher's son, Huo Ting-An (Chin Siu Ho), jealous.

Cast: Jet Li, Chin Siu Ho, Billy Chow Bei-Lei, Yasuaki Kurata, Paul Chun, Ada Choi, Shinobu Nakayama, Toshimichi Takahashi

Director: Gordon Chan

Genres: Action, Martial arts

Production Co: Miramax

Keywords: School, Revenge, Murder, 1930s, Girlfriend, Son, Rousing, Love, Rise