LEGO Clutch Powers: Bad Hair Day

LEGO Clutch Powers: Bad Hair Day (2010)

Clutch Powers tunnels underground in search of a crystal to power Lego City. He eventually finds one, but the Crystal King guarding it wakes up and chases Clutch to an underground Power Miners base. Clutch escapes into a tunnel after temporarily slowing the monster, but finds out that the crystal is actually a baby rock monster. He returns it to the King, who gives a crystal to Clutch. Clutch then returns to his base in Lego City and gives it to his boss Kjeld Playwell who assigns him some new teammates: Brick Masterson, a firefighter, Peg Mooring, a biologist, and Bernie von Beam, an engineer. Playwell informs of an incident on the Space Police prison planet when chaos occurs regarding to the imprisonment of the three most wanted criminals in the galaxy. Clutch and his team investigate the situation at once, despite the team's lack of cooperation and Clutch's intent of working alone. They soon arrive at the planet.

Jeff Bennettas Artie (Voice)
Alex Désertas Skelly (Voice)
Chris Hardwickas Bones (Voice)

Movie Details

Original Language:English
Production Companies:LEGO
Movie Tags:short