• Lifebreath (1997)


Release Date: 1997

R |1 hr 30 min

Plot Summary

When lovely New Yorker Chrystie Devoe (Francie Swift) is diagnosed with the life-threatening disease cystic fibrosis, her schoolteacher husband, Martin (Luke Perry), does everything in his power to procure a lung transplant for her. Chrystie's rare blood type limits the possibilities, so Martin resorts to extreme measures to ensure his spouse's survival with a plan that involves Gale Pullman (Gia Carides), a real estate agent who is a perfect donor candidate -- and unfortunately quite healthy.

Cast: Luke Perry, Francie Swift, Gia Carides, David Margulies, Karen Shallo, LisaGay Hamilton, Diane Kagan, Maureen Shannon

Director: P.J. Posner

Genres: Thriller

Keywords: Sacrifice, 1990s, Marriage, Wife, Love, Husband, Murder, New York City, Temptation, Tense