Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Poster

Release Date: September 11th, 1995

DVD Release Date: May 14th, 2002

R|2 hr 4 min

Plot Summary
During World War II, British soldier Jack Celliers (David Bowie) is captured by Japanese forces and held in a prison camp by the honor-bound Capt. Yanoi (Ryuichi Sakamoto). Yanoi and gruff Sgt. Hara (Takeshi) become intrigued with Celliers' open defiance in the face of their staunchly old-world ideas about cowardice and shame. Meanwhile, a translator, Lt. Col. John Lawrence (Tom Conti), attempts to find common ground between British and Japanese beliefs.

Cast: David Bowie, Tom Conti, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takeshi Kitano, Jack Thompson, Johnny Ohkura, Alistair Browning, James Malcolm

Director: Nagisa Ôshima

Genres: War

Keywords: 1940s, Cool, Soldier, Underdog


Winner Score for a Film
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1983)