• Mon Père (2001)

Mon Père

Release Date: 2001

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 55 min

Plot Summary

Manu (Vincent Lecoeur), who fought with the French Resistance during World War II, is on death row for a robbery gone wrong. Though he played no active role, he refuses to give up his uncle (Rufus) to the authorities. Manu is estranged from his father, Joe (Bruno Cremer) ; hasn't seen his mother (Michelle Goddet) in years; and holds little hope for their help. He begins writing to pass the time and soon learns a mysterious benefactor is trying to save his life.

Cast: Bruno Cremer, Vincent Lecoeur, Rufus , Michelle Goddet, Nicolas Abraham, Eric Defosse, Cédric Chevalme, Dorine Teneraux

Director: José Giovanni

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Son, 1950s, Relationships, Family, Rescue, 1960s, House, Engaging, 1940s, Father, Transformation, France, Emotional, Judge