Mountain Man Poster

Release Date: 1977

G|1 hr 52 min

Plot Summary
In 1861, miner Galen Clark (Denver Pyle) learns he has consumption and decides to travel west in his final months. During the journey, he meets naturalist John Muir (John Dehner), who encourages him to live. Along with Native American Teneiya (Don Shanks), Galen builds a cabin and settles with his daughter, Kathleen (Cheryl Miller). When loggers threaten to destroy their community and the forest, Galen joins forces with Muir and Teneiya to advocate for the area's preservation as Yosemite Park.

Cast: Denver Pyle, John Dehner, Ken Berry, Don Shanks, Cheryl Miller

Director: David O'Malley

Genres: Biography

Keywords: Daughter, Rise, Family, Charming, Lighthearted, Underdog