Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Release Date: October 14th, 2018

G |2 hr 20 min

Plot Summary

The nave Jeff Smith (James Stewart) is appointed as a U.S. Senator by a corrupt political party machine headed by the Governor, a publisher and Senator Paine (Claude Rains). Paine, hoping to keep Senator Smith from prying into a pending bill for an unnecessary but profitable dam, suggests to Smith that he sponsor a bill for his own pet project, a boys camp. Meanwhile, Smiths disillusioned secretary, Saunders (Jean Arthur), who is on Paines payroll, has fallen in love with Mr. Smith. She informs him that the dam and camp share the same land site! Shocked, Mr. Smith threatens Paine with exposure, but Paine tells the senate that Smith owns the land. Mr. Smith fights back with a heroic one-man filibuster. This two-day event includes exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies.

Cast: James Stewart , Claude Rains , Jean Arthur

Director: Frank Capra

Genres: Comedy , Drama

Production Co: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Distributors: Fathom Events

Ratings & Reviews

  • 100
    David ParkinsonEmpire

    Demonstrating that the greatest political evil is indifference, this appeal to a world on the verge of war has lost none of its relevance. show more

  • 80
    Time Out

    Quintessential Capra - popular wish-fulfilment served up with such fast-talking comic panache that you don't have time to question its cornball idealism. show more

  • 100
    Frank S. NugentThe New York Times

    [Capra] has paced it beautifully and held it in perfect balance, weaving his romance lightly through the political phases of his comedy, flicking a sardonic eye over the Washington scene, racing out to the hinterland to watch public opinion being made and returning miraculously in time to tie all the story threads together into a serious and meaningful dramatic pattern. show more

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